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Our International Childhood Cancer Day public awareness campaign at Downtown mall, Thalassery municipality, Kerala, India on Feb 15 helped to spread the message to the general public.

HOPE Social Workers and Volunteers collaborated to organize a beautiful evening with support from Malabar Cancer Center, Thalassery. Volunteers conducted public awareness campaigns at Downtown Mall premises by performing flash mobs, distributing awareness leaflets, releasing hydrogen balloons, and motorbike rallies with awareness placards in English and Malayalam.

In Kannur district, Kerala, India, we organized the program at Capital Mall, with support received from Malabar Cancer Center Hospital, Thalassery. Smt P.P Divya, Kannur district panchayat president, inaugurated the function.

The volunteers conducted public awareness campaigns through flash mobs, distributed awareness leaflets, released hydrogen balloons, and organized various other awareness activities during the day.

Malabar Cancer Center Hospital Doctors and staff’s, delegates from The Indian academy of pediatrics, Thalassery, officials from the Police department, and Volunteers from different organizations were part of the campaign.

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