The story behind the gold ribbon

Childhood cancer is considered a “modern day miracle”due to the significant increase in survival ratesespecially in developed, high income countries.
Childhood cancer is now the leading cause of non-communicable disease related death among children and adolescents in developed and developing countries. In some countries, deaths due to childhood cancer are more than the combined deaths from all types of childhood illnesses.

Due to lack of attention on development of less toxic drugs and targeted treatments, a large % of survivors of childhood cancer suffer life limiting conditions.

Honoring the heros!

  • The Gold Ribbon Campaign is for the Heroes within our midst.
  • The children and adolescents who bravely and courageously make an effort against cancer;
  • The survivors who beat cancer;
  • The families who fearlessly live with the realities of cancer and with the loss of a precious child and;
  • The volunteers, staff and medical practitioners who passionately serve and dedicate their time to the childhood cancer community.

In developing countries, mortality due to childhood cancer is attributed to several interrelated factors such as:

  • lack of awareness and information on childhood cancer;
  • delayed or wrong diagnosis;
  • lack of access to quality cost-effective essential medicines and treatment;
  • lack of access to trained healthcare providers;
  • weak health infrastructure.

The search for a universal symbol

In 1997, a small group of parents in the United States started discussing the need for a universal symbol to create awareness of childhood cancer and mobilize increased attention for minimizing deaths and disabilities due to childhood cancer.

Gold is a precious metal. Children are our most precious treasure.It is also a perfect symbol for the childhood cancer journey.Gold goes through a process by fire, to become stronger and tougher.Kids with childhood cancer similarly undergo such an experience. They often develop resiliency by facing all the difficult and painful challenges of childhood cancer.

Since then, the Gold Ribbon has crossed continents and been used around the world.

Diverse organizations have used the Gold Ribbon symbol in expressing support and generating solidarity for the effort against childhood cancer. However, it has not yet reached the peak prominence that the pink ribbon of breast cancer and the red ribbon of HIV AIDS has reached.

“Hardship often prepares ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”
– C.S. Lewis

The gold ribbon campaign

Individual supporters and organizations can create their own Gold Ribbon Campaign to increase awareness, mobilize support and create caring networks for children/adolescents with cancer, the survivors and their families.

This aims to raise awareness and visibility, worldwide, of the gold ribbon.

It encourages people and organizations to maximize the use of the gold ribbon to show their support for the effort against childhood cancer.

The display of the Gold Ribbon will INSPIRE and boost the HOPE of children/adolescents with cancer, the survivors and their families.