Our Partners:

In order to ensure the best possible care for children with cancer and survivors in Europe, CCI Europe has established partnerships with several European organisations:


Childhood Cancer International

CCI Europe is the Regional branch of CCI. The Board of CCI is interlinked with the CCI Europe Regional Committee fostering a strong partnership and exchange of knowledge across the different geographical scopes.

SIOPE Europe

European Society of Paediatric Oncology

SIOP Europe is the only pan-European organisation representing all professionals working in paediatric oncology. CCI Europe and SIOP Europe have established a formal agreement of cooperation in the areas of Research and Development, access to standards of care and expertise, social sciences and ethics and the improvements to the regulatory and political environment at pan-European and national level.


Pan-European Network for Care of Survivors after Childhood and Adolescent Cancer

PanCare is a multidisciplinary pan?European networkof professionals, survivors and their families that aims to reduce the frequency, severity and impact of late side?effects of the treatment of children and adolescents with cancer. CCI Europe is working with PanCare in the area of survivorship care.

SIOP Europe, PanCare and CCI Europe are working together to ensure the successful implementation of the Survivorship Passport tool.


European Cancer Organisation

ECCO is the only multidisciplinary organisation connecting all stakeholders in oncology Europe-wide.
CCI Europe is representing the paediatric parents? and survivors? interest through its participation in the ECCO Patient Advisory Committee (ECCO PAC).


Rare Disease Europe

EURORDIS is a non-profit alliance of 851 rare disease patient organisations from 70 countries to strengthen the patient voice and shaping research, policies and patient services of rare diseases. CCI Europe is collaborating with EURORDIS especially within the European Reference Networks (ERNs) and the Joint Action on Rare Cancers (JARC).


The Workgroup of European Patient Advocacy Networks

WECAN is an informal network of leaders of cancer patient umbrella organisations active in Europe.
The mission is to strengthen patient advocacy in Europe and improve outcomes for all cancer patients. Through WECAN, CCI Europe is able to collaborate with other European cancer patient organisations, exchange knowledge and develop joint projects. Furthermore, the network provides valuable resources for CCI Europe members to obtain knowledge (i.e. through training courses).