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Because children are our future and deserve the chance to live to the fullest

Healthy children and adolescents contribute to productive and sustainable communities and progressive nations. Every child lost is an irreplaceable piece of the future. We lose the gifts of their unique personalities, talents and potential contributions to our families, communities and nation. "For every child that dies of cancer, the world loses 71 years of life."

Because no family should go bankrupt, lose their assets, become impoverished or go deeper into poverty when a child gets sick with cancer. Because no child nor family should face cancer alone.

No family should ever have to choose between putting food in the table, sending a child to school or seeking treatment for a child with cancer. Unfortunately, because of the catastrophic costs of childhood cancer treatment and medicines, these are the difficult choices families of children with cancer often have to make in LMICs.

Because access to better care, affordable good quality medications and healthcare coverage can help stop the dying.

Carefully implemented childhood cancer programs in LMICs have documented improvements in survival rate of 30%, within less than a decade. Studies have shown that simple interventions like parental education or organizing parents groups are cost efficient yet very effective strategies that can yield a significant return on investment by lessening abandonment and /or increasing the

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