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Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon Mobilizes all resources on ICCD 2022 to raise awareness engaging all stakeholders and beneficiaries

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February 15, a landmark day in the calendar of the Childhood Cancer for the CCCL and millions of children around the globe. The CCCL like every year spreads education to create better understanding and raise awareness. The campaign also used the social media to reach more sectors of the community. Contents of both means of awareness about the disease, diagnoses, types, treatments, and a call for action. In 2021 the CCCL in collaboration with Rotaract Lebanon, Lebanese Oncology Initiative Group, church groups and social media, virtually and in person conducted sessions that included facts, communication skills and above subjects.

4 awareness sessions targeting young and professionals reaching all sectors of the society. Future leaders of the community. Panel discussions and survivors’ testimonies with psychologists about dealing with families in times of stress. As a token of appreciation to health workers, the CCCL distributed to its partners oncology nurses gifts of 55 succulents on behalf of the children cared by them. The social media contained facts, reports, patients’ activities, visits to patients in partner hospitals, messages from WHO, CCI and SIOP and events organized by CCCL includes participation in the ICCD “Tree of Life” reaching 60000, with 15000 interactions. TV and radio interviews were conducted with 5 international channels.

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